Australian safe sex campaigns

07-Aug-2017 20:23

Victoria has committed to running the program unedited.

From 2018, the program will be mandatory in state high schools, whatever the outcome of the postal survey.

Monica Doumit, a spokeswoman for the Coalition for Marriage, told that in Canada and the UK "parents after same-sex marriage is legalised lose the right to exclude children from classes like the education classes being promoted by Safe Schools."The Coalition for Marriage website also gives the same examples: Canada and the UK."In Canada, the school curriculum changed to introduce increasingly explicit content to children," the website states.An independent review of the Safe Schools program, released in March last year, drew attention to one lesson where students as young as 11 were asked what it would be like to be same-sex attracted.In its response to the review, the Federal Government decided to remove these parts of the lesson, and cancelled funding for the program beyond 2017. The first national televised ad from the 'No' campaign of the same-sex marriage postal survey went to air last night.

You're going to be seeing a lot of these ads during the campaign, so let's take a closer look at the claims this one has made.

Former PM Tony Abbott called it "social engineering".