Cancer dating taurus

11-Aug-2017 23:56

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(as a side note, this can be construed as flirting, often where it isn't intended) If you're able to pick up on other peoples emotions this is a wonderful, caring and warm sign, and everything you've read about them being nurturing and supportive is true.Possibly the most perfect partner you could wish for.On the other side of things, withdrawing if offended or hurt is an equally good indicator.If they care about someone they become very easily offended by that person.Loving, gentle, intimate and understanding he is kind hearted but not soft, and will often know exactly what you're feeling and how best to support you emotionally.Romantic and devoted, he takes relationships and his partner seriously, and once settled with a mate he enjoys the home and everything associated with it.If you're in-tune with him this can make for a fantastic range of lovemaking styles, though often with an underlying romantic current and flavor.A skilled partner can use that emotional intensity to great advantage.

Cancer is a highly sensitive and intuitive sign, always aware of the needs and feelings of others.

If they don't love their partner then all bets are off (the same as for every other sign). If they care, then they tend to show it fairly obviously and readily.