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23-Jul-2017 23:38

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Julia, your son is lucky to have such an open minded and loving mother.

I'm curious about what course of action the gender specialist suggested in dealing with your son's cross dressing?

It is so wonderful to see a mother do the right thing.

I can not even imagine having an understanding parent.

En los dos promeros años de de funcionamiento fuimos compartiendo todo tipo de inquietudes, contribuyendo todas ellas a superarnos y formarnos en este arte que nos une, habiéndose creado de esta manera un numeroso grupo de gente con una misma afición, que en la actualidad se puede decir que componemos una gran familia que sigue con los brazos abiertos a todo aquel que desee formar parte de ella.

Hemos comenzado un nuevo y largo camino que con el empeño de todos llevaremos adelante y en el que tenéis un lugar reservado esperando.

as one who started at age 7 i can appreciate the impact your support and non-judgemental approach can provide.

please do continue to let him find his own way, i know he'll be happier for it. Julia, You just don't know the difference you can make.

Thanks again, Julia and we do look forward to your continuing to share with us.

Virginia Julia, it is so great to hear about a supporting parent especialy of a young child.You are to be commended for being such a loving and understanding mother.

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