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Kiwis require special training and pruning to produce good crops.When planted, the vines should be pruned back to 4 or 5 buds.The pulp is often processed as nectar or "squash" (diluted nectar).A popular drink (called "sherbet" in India) is made by beating the seeded pulp together with milk and sugar. The dried seeds are a popular spice locally and were once extensively exported as African Pepper. Deciduous palmate leaves are divided into three wavy edged leaflets. Small deep purple flowers (both male and female) are borne in clusters in May and have a delicate cinnamon scent.Excellent for a privacy screen, they will rapidly cover a fence and with support will cover a wall or steep slope.Kiwis grow in a manner similar to grapes but more rapidly. (Ten times as much as lemons.) They are excellent for eating fresh and are a tasty addition to salads and desserts.

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Grown mostly for its beautiful foliage, the male vine matures with leaves having green, creamy white and rosy red markings on them. The female bears fruit that is small, very sweet, and has up to 16 times as much vitamin C per unit weight as oranges. The vines will grow vigorously and bears loads of small fruit that is great for salads, desert or jelly. Flowers appear in May-June and are slightly fragrant and greenish white, but are not particularly showy since they are largely hidden by the foliage.Ice cream, pies, jam and wine are other ways to use kiwis.

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