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09-Dec-2017 09:54

They have learned violent ways of reacting to their problems, but they can still learn better skills for coping with challenges.

There are some factors that put teens more at risk of becoming violent, but not all teens in these situations become violent, and some teens become violent without belonging to at-risk groups. Teens are more likely to engage in violent behavior if they are exposed to: The causes of teen violence often have roots in childhood and adolescence.

These teen violence causes give you an idea of what to look for.

Teen violence sometimes also depends on situational factors.

The best way to help prevent teen violence is by not allowing it in your home, treat each other, including your teen with respect and courtesy.

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Let your teen know you will be there, and be supportive if they ever need you.

There is usually not a good way to predict which teens will become violent or find specific teen violence causes, but knowing some of the causes of teen violence may help parents and other adults help teens who are at risk.