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26-Aug-2017 21:50

We started off with an 18-month pilot program with UPS. We reviewed many many police reports where the officers dismissed (victims) because they didn't act the way they thought they should act.We knew that if you could track a package, when you order something online, you ought to be able to track a rape kit in your own state. Q: All the things you were talking about, the better tracking system, the new guidelines for when rape kits get tested ...You may not have the resources, may not be able to tackle all of these cold cases, but given the resources ... Q: If you arrest someone for homicide, let's say the wrong person gets arrested, no one tries to convince the people there wasn't a homicide. Q: They might say it was the wrong guy, or we can't find the person who did it, but no one says there wasn't a murder. If I didn't remain optimistic and hopeful, I couldn't do this job.

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They can solve homicide, can solve breaking and entering, because the crimes in other states we're talking about are not just sexual assault.I think nationally the number is about 20% of rapes that are reported, and when you get to the prosecution stage it's very, very little ... Q: In terms of the 817 identified serial rapists who strike between 10 and 15 times —A: A rapist rapes on average seven to 11 times before they're caught. But you're also working hard to change the system, to ensure that this can't happen again. when we first started, we knew we didn't want to be in this place five, 10 years down the road.