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Guy Cecil, chairman of Priorities USA, among the largest and most active Democratic super PACs, tweeted Thursday: “This is not complicated. There are four, three or four, against the congressman,” Conyers’s attorney, Arnold Reed, said, in a Detroit news conference where he rejected Pelosi’s call for his client to resign.“At the end of the day, I would suspect that Nancy Pelosi is going to have to explain, what is the discernible difference between Al Franken and John Conyers?Meanwhile, a move by top Democrats to force out another lawmaker showed a growing eagerness to immunize the party on an issue that is turning into a social movement.In the House, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and her three deputies called on Rep. (D., Mich.), the longest-serving member of Congress, to resign in the face of accusations that he mistreated female aides for more than two decades.Conyers, for example, has been accused of demanding sexual favors of female aides. “I haven’t talked to a Democrat behind the scenes who thinks this guy should stay,” Smith said.In the House on Thursday, two more Democrats – caucus chairman Joseph Crowley of New York and Tim Ryan of Ohio – called on both Franken and Conyers to leave Congress. Franken indicated Thursday that he plans to stay put.Some recent polls show Moore may be recovering, and Trump aides privately credit that in part to accusations against Franken and media figures drawing attention away from the embattled GOP candidate, according to two people familiar with White House thinking. Hypocrisy on the other side doesn’t justify hypocrisy on our side.Concerns about Franken appear to be growing among Democratic donors. Period.” Racial questions also weigh as Congress considers how to deal with two of its members. “There are, to my count, five of these allegations against Al Franken.

While seated in the hallway, he took greetings from Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D., N.His name has frequently been mentioned as a possible 2020 presidential contender.“In light of Pelosi demanding that Conyers step down, I don’t know how Franken can survive it,” said Jim Manley, who was a longtime top aide to former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat.In the meantime, Franken’s strategy has been to attempt to carry on as usual.

He has given interviews to Minnesota news outlets and held his regular weekly breakfast with constituents visiting from his home state.

” Subsequently, four other women came forward claiming Franken had groped them – the most recent being former military police officer Stephanie Kemplin, who said she was traumatized when she posed for a picture with Franken during a USO tour in Kuwait in December 2003.